Business and Development Consultants

Eurobrazil Ltd operates as Trading and Consultants Services and promotes the development and expansion of the economic relations between Balkan countries of the greater European peninsula and Brazil through a wide spectrum of activities. The aim of the company is the institutional and commercial support of European, Balkan and Brazilian businesses for the promotion of their products and services. Towards achieving this aim, Eurobrazil Ltd collaborates with public bodies and organizations of all countries exercising custody for the assurance of commercial procedures. Eurobrazil Ltd as a coordinating body, has established an exports’ and product promotion department structuring business groups (interest pools) in conjunction with members that trade in Brazil on a permanent basis, minimizing the cost of services, offering, very small, family-owned businesses the chance to participate and sale immediacy.

A range of services is offered to the clients and members of Eurobrazil Ltd for access to the Latin America market and that of Brazil, in particular:

• Providing addresses and commercial data
• Indicating suppliers and importers
• Creating a base for partnerships
• Notification about tariffs and import procedures
• Commercial assistance in negotiations
• Organizing conventions, events, workshops, seminars, conferences
• Mediation in recruiting staff
• Translations
• Organizing business delegations
• Escorting business delegations
• Consultation on founding and installing businesses in Brazil
• Intervention in overdue account claims
• Technology transfer, joint ventures, business shareholding

The clients and members of Eurobrazil Ltd also have the privilege of:

• Having constant access to new contacts for business and commercial transactions
• Participating in business delegations
• Participating in conventions and events
• Making contacts by participating in delegations’ receptions
• Participating in task groups
• Ranking among the businesses that contribute to the development of bilateral
economic relations and enjoy the services of Eurobrazil Ltd free of charge or at lower prices.

The basic aim of Eurobrazil Ltd is to give extrovert companies the chance to explore the potential of each country in Latin America on the spot, to make scheduled contacts and have targeted talks with local companies, and to pursue export agreements, synergies and long term strategic collaborations so as to enter the markets in question and through them, the greater area.
The countries of the distant, but with considerable growth rates, continent with a population of 600 million constitute countries with an ever-increasing population and a dynamic middle class, which has been especially reinforced in recent years.
Demand for quality products is steadily increasing, especially for products in which the countries are not self-sufficient. Take the case of olive oil in Brazil, which is one of the largest importers of olive oil and table olives in the world. Special interest is observed in the sectors of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, foods, especially packaged foods, technological applications, building materials, especially marbles, energy production, water resources and waste management, as well as tourism.

Latin America Countries

Results of the 6th BRICS Summit
The 6th Summit of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) was held on 17/07/2014 in Brazil. In the business meetings that were organized, 602 companies participated that are estimated to have contracted agreements amounting to 3,9 billion dollars in the sectors of agriculture, infrastructure, transport, mining, machinery, IT, pharmaceuticals, medical device, and energy. The development banks of the partners signed a five-year partnership agreement for long-term promotion with the option of extension for another five years.
The agreement also provides for investing in emerging technologies and the joint funding of the development of mutual-interest technology. In addition, the leaders of BRICKS confirmed the founding of the investment bank, New Development Bank (NDB), and the incorporation of a joint reserve fund, Contingency Reserves Arrangement (CRA).
NDB will be based in Shanghai and a five-year rotating presidency. India reserved the first presidency in return for the base of the bank, which it also claimed. The presidency of the board of shareholders was assigned to Brazil. The leadership of the bank will be successively transferred to Brazil, Russia, South Africa and China. The reserve fund will possess a 100- billion-dollar capital, which corresponds to 41 billion for China, 18 billion for Brazil, Russia and India, and 5 billion for South Africa.


Until 2023, Brazil will have become the 5th country in consumption in the world. According to the research agency Euro Monitor International, until 2023, Brazil will have surpassed France in consumption and will hold the 5th place in the global rating from the 7th place it holds today. Communications, education, health services and products are some of the sectors that are expected to benefit from the gradual income increase, the drop in the number of families, and the aging of the population.
The expansion of the middle class and the further urbanization will keep boosting consumption, which is expected to be relatively uniform, although the north and northeast states, which are starting from a lower level, will probably score higher expenditure. Despite the drop in the magnification pace of the economy in recent years and the sluggish growth in domestic demand, the company gauges that the consumption outlook for Brazil will remain positive in the long term.
Παρά τη μείωση του ρυθμού μεγέθυνσης της οικονομίας τα τελευταία χρόνια και την υποτονική ανάπτυξη της εσωτερικής ζήτησης, η εταιρία εκτιμά ότι η καταναλωτική προοπτική της Βραζιλίας μακροπρόθεσμα παραμένει θετική.

Doing Business in Latin America
Growth is the hallmark of this region as demonstrated by more than 50 million Latin Americans that have joined the middle class over the past decade.
With a $4.8 trillion economy, approximately 600 million citizens and a burgeoning middle class, Latin America is a rapidly-growing market.

Although Asia has demonstrated steady growth and aggressive development of trade relations with Latin America in recent years, the United States continues to be Latin America’s most important commercial partner, exceeding more than $635 billion in trade in 2013 (four times more than with China).An expanding middle class with a well-educated workforce has created millions of new consumers for manufacturers.

The Markets and the countries of Latin America is:
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia

Brazil offers the countries of the Balkan peninsula opportunities amidst the crisis…!
Businesses from Brazil and the greater Latin America are interested in utilizing the Balkan countries of the European Peninsula in order to promote their products in the greater area.
In fact, the countries of the Mediterranean can become the server centers of Brazilian products towards South Europe, the Black Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa. In the current state of affairs, products from Brazil enter these markets as Portuguese, English, French, etc.
In this way, the Balkan countries can become the pillar to the already established relations between Brazil and Russia and become the ‘’bridge’’ between the two partners. Brazil offers the countries of the Mediterranean opportunities, while the emerging economies (BRICS) offer solutions to the global crisis by means of the strategic growth plan they boast actually returning to the primary sector.
Eurobrazil’s Ltd potential and objective is the participation of Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish etc., as well as Brazilian businesses. In a five-year outlook, multilateral commerce can reach 5 billion dollars. Eurobrazil Ltd promotes the development of bilateral commercial relations between the countries of the European Balkan Peninsula and Brazil as well as the other Latin countries. Towards achieving this goal, Eurobrazil Ltd has undertaken the initiative to promote Mediterranean, Balkan, and Brazilian businesses respectively to all countries.

In the context of this initiative, Eurobrazil Ltd undertakes actions, such as participating in major commercial field expositions of products as well as organizing business B2B contacts involving imports and exports.
Our goal is a permanent and continued channel of communication between businesses in the affiliated countries through Eurobrazil Ltd.
Being aware of your interest in cooperating with businesses in Brazil and the greater Latin America, we invite you to contact us detailing your offers or requests so that we can bring you in touch with the commensurate companies in the countries of your interest and update you about their markets. We would also like to inform you that Eurobrazil Ltd cooperates with all the Bilateral Chambers of the Latin American countries and creates opportunities for the development of multilateral trade.